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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Haynes Fall Update

With a busy summer, it seems like half the year flew by without us even noticing.  Here we are, back in school, contemplating holidays and vacation times, and wondering what 2014 will bring us.  Here is a bit of news to keep you updated.

Vern has been working hard, teaching community computer classes, teaching corporate computer classes, and staying busy with his business.  He has also been very with scouting and young men's activities.  It seems at least once a month there is some sort of camping trip, in addition to a youth dance or temple trip.  Some months there is two or three activities that it is his responsibility to attend. Vern also keeps busy around the house taking care of Chantel and the kids on the days she works.  That means teaching school, doing laundry, taking kids here and there, cooking dinner and making sure Chantel eats and sleeps like she should.  He is a wonderful husband and father and none of us could ask for more from him.  We are blessed to have him as a husband and father.

Chantel went to nights at work mid July.  Women's health is a bit more demanding than other areas of nursing, and often means she stays an hour or two later than the 7am shift end time.  She started back up in school this month, leaving only three classes before she graduates with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing.  Her plan is to continue on to her Master's in Nursing, aiming for a degree as a Certified Nurse Midwife and/or Family Nurse Practitioner.  She really enjoys her job.   Chantel spent many hours in the garden and canning this summer as the garden produced tomatoes, peppers, green beans and cucumbers.

Victoria has been home for the summer working at the Sedalia Animal Shelter and Auto Zone to save money.  She will be taking classess in the Spring in Sedalia at State Fair Community College before she starts in the fall at the University of Missouri Columbia.
But the biggest news is that Victoria and Jake got engaged last month!!!  The tentative wedding date is in May to give Jake time to finish up his associates. Here is the ring....
Sister Cody Haynes
Sister Haynes is still in Richmond Texas with her original companion.  She writes a couple of letters a week and sends a picture here or there (see below).  She is doing well, loves to teach The Gospel, and appears to be healthy and happy as a missionary in the Texas Houston South Mission!  You can find her letters at

Cyrus has advanced in scouting up to Eagle and will be working on his Eagle project here shortly.  He is enjoying attending seminary early every morning, and thinks he is ready to get a regular job.  He is doing well in school, although we were not able to get him into college this year because you have to be a Junior in highschool to attend the college, but he will be able to start next year and still have two years of college before he leaves on his mission.  He works out at his friend Ethan's chicken barns and horse barns a couple of times of month, but thinks he is ready to find a consistent part-time job.   Mom will be helping him with that this next week.

Jared has grown, and is now just an inch shy of being as tall as Cyrus and is wearing mens size large/x-large shirts because of his broad shoulders and tall stature.  Jared is doing well in school and has really found a love of reading this year.  He has been a big help with the new puppy and is always ready to help with the other animals whenever he is needed.  For scouting he has started working on his physical fitness merit badge and has really caught on to exercising at least once a day.

Our home is usually messy and recently smells a lot like puppy...but it is filled with love and family, or should we say family and love. 

Family Time

 Jared got a new t-shirt
 Mom thought she was having a good hair day
 Mom and dad on a date to Red Robins.  Raspberry Lemonade
 Sick day snuggling. 
Morning family meeting

Cats, Puppies, and Where is my bed

 This is Honey....she showed up on the porch one day.  She is very sweet!
 This is Pudge.  He is a rescue and has been with us since a few days old.

This is who sleeps with mom during the day....if there is room for mom that is.


 The chickens started to lay eggs
 Some really, really big eggs!


 This year we had enough tomatoes to can, and can, and can!

Lovin' Summer in the Garden

 Chickens in the garden
 Harvesting the tomatoes
 Keke in the garden
 Keke hanging out
 Trellis on the front porch
Cyrus and sunflowers

Sister Haynes and Her Companion Sister Peterson's Adventures in Texas

 Funny faces
 The field is white and ready for harvest (cotton)
 Our Texas t-shirts
 Rescuing turtles in Texas
 Sister on a windy Texas day
 Missionary service project
 Houston Temple
It is very hot in Houston Texas, even the plants think so!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Family All Together.......

The night before Cody left, we took family photos.  Some were cooky and silly....just like our kids.

Growing Neighbors

 Victoria and I were out the other day working in the yard....Here is the garden

 The front porch

The chickens trying to stay cool

A Scouting We Will Go

 The week after Sister Haynes left, all three boys left for a week at scout camp.
 As usual, scout camp meant lots, and lots of walking!
 It was hot, but there was a lot of water nearby to help keep cool.